Born and raised in Atlanta as an only child, this city has always felt like home. Loving the big city culture and small town feel, I chose to remain in Atlanta for most of my training and career. In the early 2000's when everyone was packing their bags for LA, I chose to stay close to my family and take advantage of the richness and diversity of acting opportunities offered right in my back yard – little did I know how many opportunities would soon arise with Atlanta’s emergence as a prolific film town!

I can't say there was a specific moment or a particular film that served as a turning point in my wanting to become an actor. Instead, it’s something that has shaped who I am; a lover of movies and of stories told both through the written word and through film and television, I've been an avid fan ever since I can remember.

After a brief tenure studying Theater at the College of Charleston, I came back home to Atlanta for the majority of my training. The educational opportunities in my hometown – especially the acting teachers and coaches based here – are truly impressive, and I’m grateful to have had access to such talented individuals from the Alliance Theatre to smaller improv courses and everything in between. I've also had the privilege to learn from unparalleled LA and NY teachers  in several workshops throughout the years.

While I’ve enjoyed a number of modeling jobs, I find acting a far more challenging and fulfilling endeavor. I’ve focused primarily on television and film and take pride in my ease and comfort on screen and the diversity of roles that come quite naturally: I've been described as everything from quirky, funny, mysterious, sexy, girl-next-door to fun suburban mom. Even a as a vampire or a witch now and again.  My red hair and pale skin do tend to help me stand out in a crowd.

Most recently I took a workshop given by Sam Christensen that explored the ability to see how others perceive your presence as an actor. It was enlightening and gave me a renewed sense of strength and confidence in the abilities and talent I bring to each character and audition.

In the coming year I look forward to working with a number of the amazing productions that also call Atlanta home. I’m particularly eager to try my hand as a witch or vampire, as I feel I could bring a freshness and allure to that type of character.